Fresh off its grand reopening after a yearlong COVID-19 shutdown, Disneyland is planning another virtual queue experiment and expanding operations by opening more dining locations. 

Disney announced Monday that Indiana Jones Adventure in Adventureland will become the second attraction at the resort to utilize a virtual queue system. Unlike Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance — which had a virtual queue pre-pandemic to manage demand and ride breakdowns — Indiana Jones needs it due to COVID-19 restrictions.

California reopening guidelines require theme parks not only to limit capacity on rides, but to use only outdoor queue space. Indiana Jones Adventure’s extensive indoor queue has been routed into the area for Jungle Cruise (which is closed for an overhaul of some scenes).

According to Disney, Indy’s virtual queue will be used as needed, so a traditional standby queue will still be used once Disneyland opens until the queue space fills up. This is unlike the Rise of the Resistance system, which is used all day, though both will be available through the Disneyland app. Visitors will be able to access both virtual queues at the same time, according to the Orange County Register.

Disney also announced Monday that more restaurants around the Disneyland Resort will be reopening, a sign that demand is high enough to justify bringing back more employees. The reopening dining locations include:

We are excited to announce the latest restaurants to join the reopening list:

  • Paradise Garden Grill (opening May 13)
  • Alfresco Tasting Terrace (opening May 20 exclusively for Legacy Passholders and their guests; online reservations available May 18)
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant  (opening May 27; online reservations available May 18)
  • Napa Rose (opening May 28 for dinner only; online reservations available May 18)
  • Storytellers Café (opening May 28 for both breakfast and dinner without characters; online reservations available May 18)
  • GCH Craftsman Bar (Online reservations available May 28)

Blue Bayou will offer alcohol to guests upon reopening, becoming just the second widely-accessible location in Disneyland Park to serve alcoholic beverages.