Epcot debuted its new nighttime spectacular ‘Harmonious’ Wednesday night, and in typical fashion, the response among the Disney fandom was decidely mixed.

The new show has drawn the ire of Epcot purists ever since it was first announced, from the (accurate) expectation that it would focus more on Disney characters and music to bringing large barges that block daytime views across World Showcase Lagoon. With Disney livestreaming the debut performance, theme park reporters, bloggers, commentators and pundits were able to weigh in without physically being at Epcot.

As many fans noted, “Harmonious” is the permanent replacement for “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” which ran at Epcot from 1998 until 2019. In stark contrast to the new show, “IllumiNations” was devoid of Disney characters, but that approach doesn’t fit the modern-day Walt Disney Company or its vision for Epcot.

“The original vision for Walt [Disney’s] EPCOT is long gone,” said “IllumiNations” chief creator and designer Don Dorsey to Theme Park Tribune in 2018. “Even the subsequent revisions have fallen by the wayside. The world is moving and evolving way too fast for a single futuristic vision to last, so other non-future approaches are required and will succeed and change as needed.”

You can watch the full performance for yourself here:


One Response

  1. Martha

    Absolutely hated it. Nothing about this show fits with the theming of World Showcase. They took wonderful musical scores and made them much less than they were. Nothing to pull at your heart. Nothing to pull the world together. Visually very busy but not well choreographed. Jumps from one IP to another without any common theme to pull the scenes together. Basically just a bunch of clips from wonderful Disney movies thrown together without even the benefit of the original musical scores. The ending was unbelievably disappointing. And very few fireworks. The budget for the fireworks we all love to see, must have gone into building those horrible barges. I’m a huge Disney Parks fan. And I think that’s why this is so disappointing. Disney can and has done better.

    I’m sure many folks loved this. I’m just not one. At least I will be able to beat the crowds to the monorails because I will not be hanging around to watch it.