The former show building for the Curse of DarKastle dark ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg will house the park’s 10th roller coaster: DarKoaster. 

The indoor coaster will seat riders on snowmobile-themed cars and feature four launches along 2,454 feet of track. The new ride, built by Intamin, is aimed at families with a top speed of only 36 miles per hour. 

“What’s exciting about this is that it’s completely different than anything that we have in the park,” Busch Gardens Williamsburg park president Kevin Lembke said Tuesday. “All indoors, as you know, the heat of the summer, and now with Christmas Town being open in the winter, this is an amazing opportunity for this park.”  

Invited members of the media were given a look at the already completed track during Tuesday’s reveal.

The DarKoaster project was first revealed in December by BGWFans, which has a stellar record of breaking news about new projects at the Virginia park before official announcements. Plumbing and electrical permits for the old DarKastle building confirmed the new ride in April. 

Busch Gardens Williamsburg did not reveal a specific opening date beyond next year. The park typically opens new attractions in the spring, as it did with its 2022 Intamin coaster, Pantheon

The new coaster is one of three expected across the SeaWorld chain in 2023. SeaWorld Orlando is building a new kind of launch coaster called a “surf coaster.” New coaster track is already on site at SeaWorld San Diego, but the ride was yet to be officially announced by the park.

Correction: The original version of this article misidentified the new coaster as DarKoaster: Escape the Storm. We’ve since learned that “Escape the Storm” is a marketing tagline for the ride and not a part of the ride’s name, which is simply DarKoaster. Theme Park Tribune apologizes for the error.