The ‘80s-themed Halloween Horror Nights 28 at Universal Orlando now has its full roster of “scare zones” set with the final two themed after two cult horror film franchises: “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” and the “Chucky” series.

The “Chucky” character — a violent criminal whose soul was transferred into a doll in the 1988 film “Child’s Play” — is no stranger to Halloween Horror Nights, having both been the star of a haunted house and a feature in previous scare zones. This year’s “Revenge of Chucky” scare zone will be like a “toy fair turned lethal” for guests, according to Universal.

“They will be stalked by possessed toys — such as murderous monkeys, a board game turned deadly and more,” Universal said in a news release. “And, guests will come face-to-face with the world’s deadliest doll.”

“Killer Klowns,” however, has never been featured at Halloween Horror Nights, though rumors of the 1988 film being utilized have often popped up as Universal rolled out its lineup of haunted houses and scare zones every year.

This scare zone will feel like “an interstellar circus tent filled with the otherworldly klowns.”

“The sweet smell of cotton candy will invite guests inside — but they will soon realize that the treats are spun from unsuspecting victims, and they’re next on the list,” Universal’s news release said. “Guests will try to escape the killer klowns or face the wrath of their ray guns, which will turn them into grotesque cotton candy snacks.”

The two newly announced scare zones join three others based around original concepts: “Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve,” “Twisted Tradition” and “The Harvest.”

For haunted houses, Universal still has space left in its lineup. Four have been announced so far: two original concepts (“Slaughter Sinema” and “Dead Exposure: Patient Zero”) and houses based on the movie “Trick ‘R Treat” and the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Six more remain to be revealed as Universal previously said this year’s edition of Halloween Horror Nights will feature 10 houses, the most ever.

The first night of Halloween Horror Nights 28 is set for Sept. 14, with the event taking over Universal Studios Florida on select nights through Nov. 3.