Riding Cedar Point’s Top Thrill 2 roller coaster will likely mean paying for a locker to store loose articles under safety guidelines that the park announced Monday.

In a blog post, Cedar Point confirmed that loose articles won’t be allowed on the ride or in the queue and that all riders will have to pass through metal detectors. Guests “are not permitted to utilize waist packs, zippered pockets or pockets that fasten to store their loose items – they must be left with a non-rider or in a locker,” the park said, making lockers the most likely option for riders.  

However, unlike the free in-queue lockers provided at other Cedar Point’s Steel Vengeance, only  lockers located outside the queue which require a small fee will be offered to guests.

That means not only will guests have to do without their phones or other items during potentially hours-long waits, but they’ll have to pay an upcharge for a locker due to the park’s own policies. 

Cedar Point’s blog post said, “Due to the later revision, the integration of lockers into the queue, similar to those at Steel Vengeance, was not possible.” 

Overview of the new Top Thrill 2 (Cedar Point)

In another potentially controversial policy, Top Thrill 2 won’t allow anyone to enter the queue with loose-fitting shoes. As the blog post stated: “Loose-fitting shoes (any shoe without a strap or back, such as flip-flops or sandals) are not permitted past the entrance. Please keep this in mind, as you may not enter the line barefoot nor leave your shoes near the ride’s entrance.”

This policy is in contrast to many other coasters which allow guests to leave loose shoes somewhere on the side of the ride platform, rather than banning them at the queue entirely. 

The blog post also said that glasses will be permitted on the ride if they’re secured with a strap. The height requirement for the coaster will be 52 inches. 

Top Thrill 2 is the revamped version of Top Thrill Dragster, which closed in August 2021 following an accident which involved a part from the ride vehicle — not a loose article from a guest — hitting and severely injuring a guest who was standing in the queue.

The victim, Rachel Hawes of Swartz Creek, Michigan, accused the park of negligence in a lawsuit. Hawes and Cedar Fair reached a settlement in the case for an undisclosed amount earlier this month, according to the Sandusky Register.

The reworked ride sports a new launch and a second 420-foot tower as part of an overhaul led by Italian amusement company Zamperla. The first rides for the public on Top Thrill 2 will take place during a charity event and passholder previews this Sunday, April 28. R

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Top Thrill Dragster was ongoing. It has been updated to reflect that the suit was settled earlier in April. Theme Park Tribune apologizes for the error.