Cedar Point is offering two new options for season passes.

The new passes being sold by the Sandusky, Ohio coaster destination are called Prestige and Prestige+, and will cost $300 and $400, respectively. In addition to existing benefits, including unlimited visits and 15 percent discounts on food and merchandise, the new passes feature perks such as preferred parking, a preferred entrance, and one single-use Fast Lane pass per visit to skip around longer lines. Both passes also offer access to the park’s Millennium Club VIP lounge.

Comparing the perks of Prestige and Prestige+ (Cedar Point)

The Prestige+ pass will extend the 15 percent discount on food and merch to all parks in the Cedar Fair chain. Strangely, the Cedar Point website says the Prestige pass does not include unlimited visits to all Cedar Fair parks, even though that perk is offered on the lower-priced Platinum pass (as well as Prestige+).

The pass is on sale now to cover the rest of the 2022 season and 2023, but some of the benefits (such as preferred parking, preferred entrance, and the reserved VIP waterpark area), will not be available until next year.

Kings Island and Carowinds, which are also part of the Cedar Fair chain, began selling their own Prestige and Prestige+ passes a few days after Cedar Point. At Kings Island, the prices are identical to Cedar Point, but Carowinds is selling its Prestige pass for $225 and Prestige+ for $325.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on Aug. 10, 2022, to reflect that other Cedar Fair parks had begun selling their own Prestige and Prestige+ passes.