Cedar Point announced Friday that one of its 17 roller coasters, Wicked Twister, will close for good on Sept. 6. 

Opened in 2002, Wicked Twister was the tallest and fastest of the Intamin Impluse coasters, reaching 215 feet and 72 miles per hour. The park seemed to hint at the coaster’s impending demise earlier this year, when communication chief Tony Clark tweeted a picture of the ride saying, ““Weekends are Wicked… They all have to end sometime. Make the best of it!”

In a post on the Cedar Point website, Clark said, “For the next 31 days, we hope you have a chance to be a part of that ridership history and take one last launch on the world’s first record-breaking, double-impulse, five-time-LIM motor-launching, screeching teal and sunburst yellow steel behemoth.” 

Considering the ride’s compact layout, it’s possible that Wicked Twister will find a new home in another park in the Cedar Fair family. Only two parks in the chain — Valleyfair and Dorney Park — currently sport their own Impluse model coaster.

Unless Cedar Point has another coaster ready to take Wicked Twister’s place for the 2022 season, the park will drop down to fourth place on the list of parks with the most roller coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most with 19, followed by Poland’s Energylandia with 18, and Canada’s Wonderland, another Cedar Fair park, with 17.  

Cedar Point last added a roller coaster in 2018 with the record-breaking hybrid Steel Vengeance.