Cedar Point will add a new coaster for the first time in five years in 2023 as part of a new themed area, The Boardwalk.

Meant to evoke the Cedar Point of yesteryear, the anchor of the new section won’t be the coaster, but rather the Grand Pavilion. The two-story building will sit in the area vacated by the Wicked Twister coaster and feature a new restaurant and bar overlooking Lake Erie.

The new Wild Mouse coaster, the 17th in the park, will be 52 feet tall and feature spinning cars, similar to other spinning Wild Mouse models like the recently-opened Sidewinder Safari at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Rendering of the new Boardwalk area (Cedar Point)

“Each ride is different, depending on how many people are riding with you,” Cedar Point communications director Tony Clark said in a video posted on the the park’s Twitter account.

Along with the pavilion and coaster, The Boardwalk will also be the new homes for the park’s Matterhorn and Scrambler rides, with the latter being renamed Atomic Scrambler. The existing Tiki Twirl ride, located in the new area’s footprint, will be redubbed Calypso. Other rides in the area, including the wing coaster Gatekeeper, won’t be renamed but will be considered part of the new section.

“The Boardwalk is our vision of what the classic Cedar Point Boardwalk would have felt like long ago: the sights, the sounds, the electricity of the experience – this new area captures it all,” Carrie Boldman, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point, said in a press release. “Lakeside attractions have always been a part of Cedar Point’s 153-year history, and that tradition lives on. We can’t wait for our guests to enjoy this stunning new centerpiece of summertime fun.”

The Cedar Point announcement was part of Thursday full of reveals across the Cedar Fair chain, such as the announcement of a new coaster being built at Worlds of Fun at Kansas City.

However, coaster enthusiasts will be disappointed that Cedar Point announcement did not offer any update on the 2023 status for Top Thrill Dragster. The 420-foot-tall launch coaster was been closed since an August 2021 accident where a woman standing in the queue was seriously injured by a loose piece of metal that flew off the coaster train. While Cedar Point was cleared of any wrongdoing by a state government report, the ride has remained closed throughout the 2022 season.