For theme park fans venturing away from the Disney and Universal resorts, finding reliable accommodations near your next destination can feel a lot like gambling.

That’s how I felt selecting where to stay on my first-ever trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

The Colonial Williamsburg sites make this area a major tourist destination. The hotel options, however, are largely in the two- and three-star range, a mix of chain hotels that can vary wildly in quality to independent bed-and-breakfast joints to motels that look abandoned. It’s exactly the kind of place where I’d want a honest, detailed room tour and review to avoid booking the wrong place.

I chose this Country Inn & Suites location that was an easy 10-minute drive to the park. It was far from spectacular, and it was showing some signs of spotty pandemic-era maintenance, but it was still worth the $106 per night that I paid.

Check out the video room tour and review for more: