Horror masters Blumhouse will once again be represented at Halloween Horror Nights events at Universal Orlando and Hollywood. 

Called The Horrors of Blumhouse, the new house will be based around two films: 2020’s “Freaky,” about a teen girl who switches bodies with a serial killer, and “The Black Phone,” an upcoming June 24 release about about a magician called “The Grabber” with a talent for making people disappear permanently. 

A Universal press release described “The Black Phone” section of the house as, “Guests will find themselves trapped in his ‘fun’ house where the sound of ghostly voices whisper hints on how to escape, but guests must tread carefully to outwit and outrun ‘The Grabber’s’ twisted magic.” 

Blumhouse, which signed a first-look deal with Universal Pictures in 2014, has been regularly featured at Halloween Horror Nights on both coasts in recent years. In 2021, “The Purge” franchise was featured in Hollywood’s Terror Tram. Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 29 in 2019 included a house centered around Jordan Peele’s acclaimed film “Us.” 

It’s also not the first time that HHN has mashed multiple Blumhouse properties together into one house. Both Orlando and Hollywood featured Horrors of Blumhouse houses in 2017 and 2018.

This marks the third HHN house announced for the 2022 events, all of which are being replicated on both coasts. The other two are Universal Monsters: Legends Collide, bringing together characters from classic Universal horror films, and a house based on the original 1978 “Halloween” film.  

Halloween Horror Nights starts Sept. 2 at Universal Studios Florida and Sept. 8 at Universal Studios Hollywood. On both coasts, the event will run on select nights through Oct. 31.