You may be thinking about spring break but the folks at Universal Orlando Resort are creating next fall’s nightmare for Halloween Horror Nights 27.

The Orlando theme park announced that Ryan Murphy‘s FX anthology series, “American Horror Story” will return for its second year to the annual scare fest.

The new horror house will feature content from Season 2: Asylum, Season 3: Coven and Season 6: Roanoke. Universal also is using the largest maze floor plan ever to bring the three seasons to life.

In Asylum, guests can travel through the decades of the notorious Briarcliff, evade Dr. Arden’s grotesque human Rasper experiments and come face to face with the serial killer, Bloody Face.

New Orleans aesthetics will surround horror nights fans as they are drawn into the wrath of descendants of the Salem witches and their unquenchable thirst for power in Coven.

The horrific story of the Millers in Roanoke will feature Piggy, the grisly Polk family and the ghosts of the blood moon.

Halloween Horror Nights began in 1991 as Fright Nights. It was renamed Halloween Horror Nights the next year. It began as a three-night event, but has been extended to 30 nights, stretching from Wednesday through Sunday night each week.

Tickets are on sale now for Halloween Horror Nights 27, which runs select nights starting Sept. 15 through Nov. 4 at Universal Studios.