Global home rental website Airbnb is enjoying considerable growth in Central Florida, according to new numbers from the San Francisco-based company.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Osceola County experienced a 104 percent increase in Airbnb use in the first quarter of 2017 — now at 67,794 hosts.

In Orange County, growth was at 82 percent, with 53,967 people using the service.

In Seminole County, use is up 98 percent, with 2,252 users.

Airbnb and other similar online marketplace and hospitality services, allow people to offer short-term rentals to travelers seeking alternative lodging.

With widespread listings in the Orlando area, both the city and Orange County have considered short-term rentals as code violations in several residential areas. In 2011, Florida passed a law restricting cities’ from regulating vacation rentals.