2023 will be the last season for the Fire in the Hole attraction at Silver Dollar City — at least in its original form.

The indoor roller coaster and dark ride debuted at the Branson, Missouri theme park in 1972, putting riders in the role of firefighters battling a blaze that is consuming a mining town. “More than 25 million guests have been entertained by the Fire In the Hole adventure since the attraction opened a half-century ago,” Silver Dollar City Attractions president Brad Thomas said in a press release. 

The park is promising special events and promotions throughout the ride’s final year, beginning when the park opens for the season on March 11. More details on exactly what those special offerings will include are expected at a later date.

Silver Dollar City’s press release repeatedly said it was bidding farewell to the “original” Fire in the Hole, a clear sign that elements of the attraction will be repurposed in some fashion rather than being completely demolished or gutted. 

“This Grand Finale season of the original Fire In The Hole is paving the way for continued growth and new adventures at Silver Dollar City,” Thomas said. “There will be exciting announcements in the future.”

Silver Dollar City has not added a new coaster since 2018’s Time Traveler.