The replacement for Silver Dollar City’s Fire in the Hole roller coaster will be the first all-indoor family ride built by Rocky Mountain Construction.

The Idaho coaster firm is most famous for its steel-and-wood hybrid coasters packed with airtime, like Iron Gwazi and Wildcat’s Revenge. The new version of Fire in the Hole that RMC is bringing to Branson, Missouri in 2024, is much different: an indoor coaster aimed at families with onboard audio and special effects that the park says will cost $30 million. 

“Signifying our biggest investment in a single attraction, Fire in the Hole continues Silver Dollar City’s strategic, multi-phased growth plan offering families opportunities to play and stay together in the heart of the Ozarks,” Silver Dollar City president Brad Thomas said in a press release.

Fire in the Hole concept art (Silver Dollar City)

Darren Torr, RMC’s president, added, “Like Silver Dollar City, Rocky Mountain Construction is committed to creating custom-built ride experiences that haven’t been done before. We loved the challenge of engineering, fabricating, and installing the one-of-a-kind Fire in the Hole, creating a new ride experience while honoring a legendary coaster. It feels fondly familiar, yet it will be daringly different.”

According to the park’s press release, the ride will include “three drops and a quick splash-landing” and 14 show scenes inside a five-story building. 

The ride’s storyline will once again involve a fictionalized version of the burning of the Ozarks town Marmaros by a vigilante group called The Bald Knobbers

“The makers of the finest fire wagons in America’s Heartland, the Silver Dollar City Pumper Factory, invite the townspeople to the unveiling of their newest model,” the press release said. “Instead, the visitors find the town in flames due to the reckless Baldknobbers. Ignited into action, everyone bands together to battle the fire.”

The current version of Fire in the Hole is still in operation until the end of the 2023 season. The new ride is scheduled to debut in the spring.